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Dr.Scholl's - Callus Reducer Dr.Scholl's - Callus Reducer
This easy to hold callus reducer has two different abrasive surfaces that easily take care of all types of calluses and rough skin. Stainless steel head is washable....
Dr.Scholl's - Beauty Stone Dr.Scholl's - Beauty Stone
Want soft silky skin(TM) This natural pumice stone is great for rubbing rough skin smooth. The Beauty Stone is great for use during showering with it's easy to hold shape....
Dr.Scholl's - Dual-Action Swedish File Dr.Scholl's - Dual-Action Swedish File
Dual action Swedish file is a pedicure essential. With two different levels of abrasives to keep you feet soft and smooth no more hiding rough looking feet. This grooming essentia...
Dr.Scholl's - Cracked Skin Cream Dr.Scholl's - Cracked Skin Cream
Protects skin during even the harshest weather conditions. Prevents skin from cracking even during the dry seasons promoting healthier looking skin....
Dr.Scholl's - Exfoliating Foot Cream Dr.Scholl's - Exfoliating Foot Cream
Natural peach grains massage away rough skin and stimulate new cell growth. you You will exfoliate while moisturizing your skin....
Dr.Scholl's - Ultra Overnight Foot Cream Dr.Scholl's - Ultra Overnight Foot Cream
This overnight moisturizer contains a special blend of aloe and palm oil....
Dr.Scholl's - Corn Cushions  9 ct Dr.Scholl's - Corn Cushions 9 ct
Corn Cushions pack comes with three shapes; regular for all corns small for pinky toes and a between toe shape. The latex foam cushions will not catch on hosiery and adhesive is s...

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Printed On 19-May-2018